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Terms & Conditions

In order to provide you with the best experience possible we need to address a few items prior to booking:


  1. Payment is required at the time of booking in order to confirm/hold your reservation/date.

  2. Please do not move or attach anything, without prior approval, to the yard signs.

  3. Please do not mow while the signs are in the yard.

  4. Please water within 24 hours of delivery.***

  5. Please be careful around signs as many stakes have sharp edges.


​Refund Policy:


  1. If you cancel your booking we ask that you provide 48 hours advanced notice. 

  2. West Texas is infamous for unpredictable weather.  In the event of hazardous weather we will work with you to refund your money or reschedule.  Hazardous weather includes:  high winds, dust storms, lightning, heavy rain, ice and snow and any other condition that would put us or our signs in harm's way. 

***If you are unable to water we will likely not be able to card your yard due to the ground being too hard to get the stakes into the ground.  If we are unable to card your yard due to a failure to water we will refund your money minus a $20 fee.  We will send this reminder via email and a text the morning of delivery to help you remember.  

By placing an order/booking with Card Me Lubbock, you agree to all policies stated above.

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